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Re:60 chrysler Ambulance

From: Dave L.
Email: dlisiecki at
Remote Name:
Date: August 21, 2003


Hi, Chryco. How's it going "up" there??? Yep, that's me you might be thinking about. My ambulance (actually it's set-up more as a combination, meaning hearse/ambulance; quite common as ambulance service was commonly handled by the funeral homes....which is why a combo made sense - two cars for the price of one....but I digress....) is not for sale and is definitely a work in progress, although "progress" is stretching it a bit. BTW, that was my work email you posted and I sometimes use, but I anybody needs some general info, please use my home address at (I will spell out the "at" in case there are some automatic email address harvesters scanning this site: "dlisiecki at". I have a '60 Windsor modified by Richard Brothers. They used Chrysler exclusively. I'm aware of a handful of '60 and '61's, although I've seen brochures back to about '57 or 8, I think. The "big" conversions were often Memphians (I think the Dodge you mentioned is), although other coachbuilders used MoPars on occasion. I'm also a member of the PCS and coincidentally, one of my friends seems to have discovered a '59 Chrysler. Gotta run, but will keep posted.


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