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Wide Whites/Stick trannys/Hearses/border patrol,,,,,,?

From: alumcan
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Date: August 22, 2003


Erick, the only two dissapointing things that happened 'up there' was, we didn't get to see any mooses, and ALL of the motel/Inns/Bed and Breakfests, in ALL of Nova Scotia were booked for Sat night. My wife and I, my 19 year old, her infant son, (two months) my 13 and 9 year old, wound up sleeping in a truck stop parking lot, along with several other 'stranded familys, in a cramped full size Bronco. No wonder Toronto has west nile! Your mosquitos must be inbred with Pit Bulls! Those things are downright vicious! Had to try and sleep with all the windows up. It was rank when someone farted! The INS agant who was unlucky enough assigned to us, to fill out several forms of paper work. I just didn't understand what each question ment and had to ask what they ment by it. He made the statement, "You people must not get out of WV much, do you?" I 'spose with my cutoff bib overalls, my accent, and the way my hair looked, (we didn't want to run the air so all of the windows were down) I probably looked like something out of "Deliverance." Oh my wife was wearing bibs also. Only she had one strap undone, so I guess one boob stuck out a little farther through the T-shirt underneath. Must be one of those 'woman' things?? NO problem with currancy exchange/mph signs/ or distances. Wife figured up everything (Jethro Bodine style) on a calculater. The only time we went over the 110k (67mph) speed limit, was empty. There was something else odd that we noticed up there. The lack of road kill. What gives with that? Or is the 'road kill' I'm used to seeing limited to WV? Brent your stick DeS question, I've seen several '55/6's. At one of the first MoPar (or other) Carlisle shows, there were THREE '56's and ONE '55 DeS Hemis/three on the tree. Up at the Butler PA swap meet several years ago there were TWO 55 stick DeS for sale in the car corall. I almost bought the one for $500. The car was junk. I wanted the drive train. Jessica, we stopped in Chambersburg to get gas at Sheetz, down to the Dary Queen, then to 'Micky D's for the kids. There were no 'Jessicas' listed. Your 'hubby' spelled his name 'Jon'. There was only one 'JOHNathan' listed in the phone book,,,,,one ring and a awnsering machine. I hung up, figuring it wasn't you all. I'm NOT on board totaly,,,,yet. I'm sneaking in on one of my wifes private address. Besides, "Fearless" doesn't have a 'X' rated page yet, like over on the ScatPack. OK. Two questions/inquirys, please. Good Grief! Trying to go through the archives I just lost another brane sell. You can get lost and forget what it is you orgially went in for! Any rumors of someone going in there and not comming back out!? I found a wide white tire secton in the archives, but it wasn't what I remember reading. OK, here is what I remember. Someone asked what size radial wide whites to put on their car. There were several 'horror' story responces about Corker's tires. Besides Corker, there are, I think I was into 3 differnt wide white radial company web sites, what is the best/safest/non wandering raidial wide white I can get. Comments/suggestions, please! I'm going to go with 225/75 14's on the last set of 300 wheels I have. My remaning 300 wheels is not really a complete set. There are two 'ground' wheels and two 'spare' wheels. With full hubcaps you can't tell the diifferance. I want to try and have these wheels powder coated and the new wide whites on before the 6th. BIIIGGG '50's Fest car show in Waynesburg PA then. I HAVE TO GO!! There is a good chance this Belvy Convt, will be next years cover/T-shirt/dash plaque car. Last year, (first show, only one FwdLk '61 Dodge sedan) they used a chopped, flamed, '48 Chevy pick up, along with a Pan Head Harley. This years cover car is a chopped '32 Ford three window. (Whether the Harley will be used, I won't know untill the 6th) For next year they want to use a Plymouth. The show, the whole downtown is closed off, and the entire show is broadcast LIVE on WANB. I won one of the twist contests! Check 'this' out. I NEED tire suggestions, since I've to yet buy a set of wide white radials! Second question. This is a rally old one. Eric, Joe, or someone up there, this might be you, I don't know. OK some one 'out there' mentioned that they were going to change a 383 stick (three on the tree) over to an TF. I made the comment that a real loooong time ago (eary 80's) I was looking for one of those HD/taxi cab 361/383 trannys/bell/flywheel. I remember meaking the remark, about the shipping costs across the US. Does this 'ring a bell' in anyone's memory? I could use that set up right about now this winter. This Belvy is a 318 2bbl stick car. That dinky 2 bbl just don't look right to me. Plus, the motor comartment is NOT detailed to my satisfaction. The motor will have to come out to do a 'proper' detail. Since the motor is out, I was thinking of replacing the 318 with this 350 'stick' GC motor I've have had since the early 80's out of the Peter Gunn car. So to do that, I NEED a BB bell, matching tranny, and flywheel. Speaking of Hearses, 'Archangle', Ron Swartley, sent me a picture he took of a '61 Chrysler Hearse at a car show up in Conn (?). They must be Chevy people, because they had to have had two sets of air shocks on that thing to get the back end that high in the air. Thanks for the tire suggestions!


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