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From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: August 23, 2003


well to give you another option, alumcan and others seeking tire advice... You could always buy a good radial tire from your local tire shop and have them install "portawalls". If you aren't familiar with what those are or how they work... Basically they are faux wide whitewalls that aplique to the side of your tire. When your tire is mounted to the rim, before it is aired up and the bead has seated.. you lay this insert in.. and apply an adhesive to the upper edge to make it stick. Voila! The only disadvantage to these are that they dryout faster than the tire itself, curbs have a nasty way of ripping them off, and they are getting pricy now that they aren't popular anymore (many companies have stopped producing them). They are also considerably cheaper than purchasing 4 wide white tires. I was going to do this on my rambler, but now the rambler is on the forsale lot. I'll detail on that for anyone who's interested... just email me *sigh* Jessica Ps. Alumcan, sweetheart, all you had to do is ask for my # and i would have gladly given it to you. When you stopped at that sheetz.. if you were on the Wayne Avenue exit you were about 4 blocks from my house!!! I guess i'll just have to make me a trip down to WV to see that beaut :P Im glad your trip went well, and that you all made it home safely. I wish i could have the same luck with cars :( Did ya ever get my letter after carlisle??


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