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1959 Dodge cracked steering wheel owners - UNITE!

From: James
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Date: August 23, 2003


I was sitting my car yesterday, lamenting my cracked plastic steering wheel. The multiple cracks, missing plastic chunks and occluded plastic color are a real sore spot on a otherwise nice car. It seems that there is no real good option for getting something that would do the car proud. To get my wheel repaired seems remote at this time. I know of no one who can do a competent job of restoration and to find a NOS or nice original two tone blue steering wheel seems close to impossible. I guess there are some people who advertise '59 Dodge steering wheel restoration, but from what I hear, I would do better to avoid them at all cost. That being said, there is a gentlemen in my neck of the woods who does do steering wheel repair. Here is his page. I have seen his work and it seems to be top notch. Certainly, everyone would need to speak with him directly and be comfortable that he can do the job in an appropriate manner. I have seen his gold speck '60 Dodge wheel and it looks very nice. The problem is he has no mold for the '59 Dodge wheel and for me to have him make one up for just me would put the cost WAY out of reach. He did say if there were 5-10 others who would get the wheel done, he could make it happen at his normal restoration cost. Sooooooo, I thought I would run it by the group. Are there others out there who are fed up with their cracked '59 steering wheel and want to put the final cap on their restoration project? Even if we get a group in on this, it still won't be cheap but I believe his quality will make it worthwhile. I have a friend with a two tone green wheel and when the light come through the light green plastic it is quite beautiful. I would love to see that on my wheel but I need several others to make the same commitment for their wheels. I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would give it a shot...... If anyone has another suggestion on how one can get a high quality restoration of the '59 Dodge steering wheel, I am all ears. James 1959 Dodge


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