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55 to 56 parts fit

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 24, 2003


It is possible that someone used an earlier steering whell in the past on your car. Some will physically fit, although very different to the ones made specifically for DeSotos. You can also use wheels from Chryslers and Dodges on that column. Regarding the manifold swap, the 330/341/345 high-deck is about 0.75" taller on block height than the low-block 276/291. Dodge and DeSoto did not pull the Chrysler stunt of extending the ports on the high=deck engines to use the same intake as the low-deck (eg: 392 to 331/354). Instead, they tooled actual new castings with longer intake runners to match the blocks. HOWEVER, this means that the large port/large valve heads fit the low deck blocks, and can be used with the low-deck intakes (with either porting or as-is). You might see if anyone on this site wants to trade a 330/341 Fireflite intake for your 291 setup. Your manifold is actually RARER than the other two.


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