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Sizzlen' Summer Nights Car & Bike Show

From: Bill in SD
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Date: August 24, 2003


Well last night Aberdeen, SD had the 3rd annual car show. Turn out was fair, 315 cars and 185 motorcycles. I was disappointed that there were no Foward Look cars there. I had to work (I'm a police officer) during the event otherwise I would have had my 58 Plymouth in the show. They estimated around 10,000 spectators were there and with the high temp for the day at 106 deg F that isn't too bad for a town of 30,000 people. There were people as far away as WI & TX that showed up. They even raffled off a '03 Harley Roadking. It was free to enter your car/bike in the show and there was no fee for spectator admission. The event was sponsored by the city & area businesses. There were plenty of Mopar mucsle cars there but not one Cuda. As soon as I get the dates for next years show I will post them so we can get some F.L.ers there. There were a lot of cars for sale too. I'll keep ya' all up to date for next year.


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