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Chambersburg/wide whites/freebie Harleys near Sturgis

From: alumcan
Email: alumcanXXXXhd@XXX.XXX
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Date: August 24, 2003


Jessica, we're gonna have to stop meeting like this! Especially on my wife's address! Whooo-wee, she finds out, 'Katy bar the doors' After she is done with me, you might as well declair a Confederate victory! Whoo-Haw! Which four blocks from Sheetz are you? The Dairy Queen side, or the McDonalds/Ponderosa side? I don't know the name of that exit. All I know, that there is a Ponderosa there with a fantistic buffet, that I stop at each time on the way home from Carlisle. 'Richard', thanks for the wide white info. No problme with your Corkers blowing up, or passing you on the interstate? How long ago did you get your tires from Corkey? OK, you said we talked at Carisle. Now, which one of the 583 or so people that I talked to were you? You gotta somehow refresh my remaining 5 brane sells. Chuck, I checked out the Diamond Back site. I'm not sure which set I'll go with. Thank you for the info,,,,. There is a independent tire store down the road from me. He deals 99% in Tri-axle/dump tractor-trailers, (that's all that is around here, coal/limestone mines) but can find some obsolete, and weird sizes. I'll see what he can dig up. WOW, giving a Harley away (especially a Roadking! most give-a-way Harleys are Softtail Standards) at a car show is a new one on me. 180 some bikes, that takes half a football field to park that many!


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