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Re: 57 torqueflite questions

From: don thomas
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Date: August 25, 2003


I have rebuilt several aluminum case TFs and tested a couple of '57 cast iron TFs including the one in my 57 Firesweep- I am NOT a professional. However, several working TFs I have air tested were NOT air tight- even with new parts- so I am going to say that this is ok. Some air applys even caused funny whistling noises!- The key is to hear the "thud" of clutch engagement or visualize the servo operation/band engagement. My "2 cents worth" on the cast iron TF Is this: If it works, use it. If not, the parts to do a thorough rebuild are considerably more expensive than those for an Aluminum case TF- 62-65 w/pushbutton compatibility. I say get the adapter from HOT HEADS or some other vendor and use the later TF- tHERE ARE TONS OF THESE THAT CAME BEHIND POLY 318S and can be had at good prices (under 100.00 in the mid-south anyway) This swap also allows the use of cheap later model starters or the modern mini starters and saves weight! Don


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