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Re: '57 Plymouth Power Steering Gear Box Question

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: August 26, 2003


Jimmy, please scroll-down this 'board' , & see my earlier comments Re: power steering gearbox overhaul (long-story)--I may have "lucked-out", with the "interchangeability" of the early/late(?) "wrecking-yard" donor-gearbox that I overhauled, & installed in my 57 Dodge, but I noticed that the shape/configuration of the 'new' pitman/idler-arm(?), (attached to the gearbox) was slightly-different, from my "original" unit, but the locations of the head-and-tail connections, on the two "arms" were identical, so I left the subject 'arm', on the 'new' gearbox, and noticed no "problems" with the wonderfully-working/handling rebuilt gearbox--so I do not know precisely "how" the new/old gearboxes differ, but I'd bet that they interchange, completely, without any problems, in connecting them to any steering-system. Neil Vedder


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