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Re:freebie Harleys not near Sturgis

From: Bill in SD
Remote Name:
Date: August 26, 2003


The Harley wasn't free...It cost $100 a ticket for the drawing. The police dept leases 2 new roadkings every year for only $1 each. Yes that's one dollar. That's why 99% of all PDs in the US use Harleys. Our entire city is going through a major over haul. Building after building is being bulldozed and demolished for new stuff. The entire city banned tgether to make the car show a success. The local car clubs are puching for a dragstrip. I know there is a 60 Plymouth here in town and someone in the area has a 58 Plymouth but no one brings them to the show. The closest was a 56 Plymoth Plaza. Next year they hope to catch a lot of bikers coming back from Sturgis which is on the other side of the state. Aberdeen is at the intersection of US Hwy 12 & US HWY 281. Hope to see some of ya all at next years show. Will get dates posted as soon as I know them.


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