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My 61 Phoenix, Lucille

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: August 28, 2003


Hey gang, I am seriously considering selling my 61 dodge Phoenix 4 door. I am attached to the car, so it is difficult for me:P .The car runs and drives great, but it isnt very safe, as it does have some frame rust-through. Auto Rust Technicians DOES make a frame repair kit for this car, and they are priced very reasonably. The rear quarters will need to be worked on, as the wheelhouse openings were repaired very poorly (a.k.a. pop-riveted on sheetmetal done by the previous owner). And the left side is dented in from him backing the car into a concrete pylon (he was 83 yrs old at the time.) The glass is all good, with the exception of the windshield which is scratched at the top of the wiper arm's travel from running them with no blades (again the previous owner.) The front end is decent except for a few dings in the grill and headlight bezels (due to the previous owners daighter this time :-P ) The strong point is the engine and transmission. The engine runs very well, but it does smoke some (i am thinking it needs rings). It has new Mopar Performance orange box electronic ignition, along with new spark plugs and wires. The transmission was rebuilt about a year ago and it shifts GREAT with no hesitation or noise. The vehicle comes with the original owner's manual, window sticker, a factory service manual, and some various other odds and ends. If you are interested or want to see pictures, email me or go to I just dont have the time or money to fix this car, so i am hoping someone will need a good solid parts car because parts for this vehicle are VERY hard to find (one year only body style). Jessica Hendricks


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