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Re: Cast Iron Torqueflite (A466 series) Torque Converter Rebuildi...

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: August 28, 2003


Hi Hank, Long time no talk to...finally got my powerflite together and painted etc. Thanks again for your help. You may find this info useful... I went to a place in Dayton Ohio called CVC. (Consonlidated Vehicle Converter). All they do there is TC's. I think they are one of those companies that rebuild TC's for other companies, but they do accept walk-in or call-in business. There was an older fella there that knew my powerflite TC right off the bat! He said that it would take about two weeks due to the nature of setting up the jigs an tooling etc. I think that 10 days went by, and after I paid $150, got my PFTC rebuild back with new bushings, everything cleaned of course and rewelded and rebalanced. I have not installed it yet, but when I am done with my engine I will try it out.. I cannot find the number right at the moment, but if you cannot find it let me know... Lee Lopes


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