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Re: '57 Plymouth Power Steering Gear Box Question

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: August 29, 2003


Jimmy, my advise would be just to 'get' another 1957 Plymouth power steering gearbox, & have it be rebuilt (by Lares Corp--per my "earlier/lengthy message" to this Board), and then install it onto your car--just be sure NOT to get a 195EIGHT unit, as it IS different, and reportedly "works" WORSE than the 57's --I know of people who retrofit '59 power steering gearboxes onto '58 cars, because the '59's are an improved design! As I said, before, I found that my Wrecking-yard gearbox had a slightly-different 'configured' pitman-arm(?) attached to the gearbox, BUT I noticed no-different steering-performance, because(?) both ends of both 'arms' began/ended in the same locations. Go for it!! Neil Vedder


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