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Maybe this one IS Christine! - Weird carb problem

From: George
Remote Name:
Date: August 31, 2003


First off I admit that I shot myself in the foot by trying to run the vehicle (58 Belvedere) without cleaning out the fuel system first. However, the problems I've been having since are starting to get really frustrating. It started with my engine rebuild. When I had finally gotten that completed I was really excited to try to drive it again and just dumped some gas in and started it up. Biiiiiig mistake! I pumped a lot of crud out of the tank and contaminated the fuel system. Since then I have replaced the fuel filters several times, flushed all the lines and the tank, and had the carb remanufactured. It still will not run for more than a minute or two at a time. Thinking that maybe some leftover contamination had gotten into the carb (it had). I opened the carb up to to clean it out and found something odd. Excuse my ignorance of the proper terms, but there is a piston like cylinder in the carb that raises and lowers two pins in and out of some brass fittings. This cylinder was stuck all the way down. It popped free and seemed to work normally after I tapped it with a screwdriver but somehow it got pulled completely down. I've flushed out the carb and it still will not run for more than a minute or so before stalling out. This is a Carter 2bbl carb on the original Poly 318. My question is: Is there an external influence such as vacuum or fuel pressure that could cause this, or should I take the carb back to the shop to have them fix whatever the problem is?


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