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Re: dodge dart disk swap

From: J Hendricks
Remote Name:
Date: September 01, 2003


I had the same problem with my 1972 Dart. I just figured that since every mopar ever created had a 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern that the dart would too. So i ordered some 15X7 Cragar S/S and all new BFG Radial T/As and had the tires mounted and balanced in my shop...i get home...and i cant get them to fit...i looked for an adapter, they arent very safe, and they will make your wheel stick out at least the length of your brake you would need some special offset wheels. I took the tires off, was luckily able to return them...and i had to sell the wheels at a loss. Where did you find 5 on 4" Cragars?? i looked all over for some and couldnt find any. Jon


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