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From: sid
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Date: September 01, 2003


i don't care what my car is worth. i'm not gonna sell it as long as i live. i drive it because i LOVE it. i loved 57-61 plymouths and all FL cars long before the ridiculous christine hype. maybe i could double the value of my fury by painting it gay-purple with rubber band tires? i don't care. i wouldn't do it. 99% percent of clown owners are no forward look people or even mopar people. if "christine" would have been a, lets say, a 70 camaro, they would drive a 70 camaro now. GOOD that christine didn't have a 350 sbc under the hood, they would copy it. btw, it is pretty sad that the best and most beautifull cars ever build needed a movie to be appreciated.


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