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Re: 60 Desoto ,conversion to an alternator

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 01, 2003


You can get the wiring kit from either M.A.D. or from "Chevy Duty." The M.A.D. kit is around $25.00, the Chevy Duty kit is around $20.00. The M.A.D. people are like Roger at A.A.J. They are easily accessible by telephone and are extremely helpful.You can also use one of those "one wire" alternator kits for race cars, but you may lose some of your dash gauge functions, depending upon your dash harness. Your top generator bracket should work with the GM alternator, but you'll need to make a spacer for your bottom bracket. You will also need to reuse your generator pulley or an older Mopar or GM alternator pulley that matches your belt, assuming you will retain the rest of your original pulley set up. A person living about a mile from me did this modifcation to his '58 DeSoto some years ago. He has since moved away and I can't find the pictures I took of his alternator installation.


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