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Re: Starter motor Clutch/Gear parts?? Where to buy??

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 01, 2003


Andy has items for '59s, but you'll have to call him to see about price and availability. I bought a Borg-Warner starter solenoid from Pep Boys that matched my original. It was listed for a late '60s-early '70s Ford. But it matched the original and works just fine. I managed to find all sorts of N.O.S. clutch and manual transmission stuff on eBay at reasonable prices. Not too much demand for '55-'61 stick stuff, especially V-8 models. John at Northwest Transmission Parts in Ohio (1-800-327-1955) has (or can tell you where to find) all you need for a manual transmission. Most larger towns and cities have places that can rebuild a vintage generator or starter. I believe Andy may have kits for this purpose, but again, if they aren't listed in his catalog, just give him a call. Valley Vintage Auto Parts and Len Dawson manage to come up with some really good N.O.S. items. You can check with them. You can e-mail Valley Vintage, but Len Dawson requests either a fax or self addressed stamped envelope for a reply. Having the part numbers is a great help. E-mail me off list if you need them. I have a '59 parts list catalog. Just replace the "<at>" with "@" in my e-mail address.


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