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Re: Having some fun with snipers

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 02, 2003


Even though I sometimes snipe, I've pulled that trick, too. Not with CDs, but with railroad pictures. I collect photos, slides and negatives of certain rail lines. I know of two people who apparently monitor my auctions because they seem to find the items I am bidding on after I place my bid, no matter how far along the auction is. But they also snipe far more often than I do. One of the guys sniped me with two seconds left. A trolley postcard that was at about seven dollars with me as the high bidder wound up costing him $187.00! :-) To get back on topic, on one occasion, I sniped by accident. I forgot to bid on some seat covers for one of my '59s. I had actually forgotten about the auction. I remembered during a trip to Utah and when we arrived home, there was about ten minutes left. I had a difficult time getting on line and had to reboot to get my dial up connect to work. I entered a decent amount, nothing too radical. When I entered & reviewed my bid, I expected to receive the dreaded "Cannot proceed" message. Instead, the computer froze. When I rebooted and got back on line, I found out my winning bid was entered with one second left! With a 56K modem, I knew I couldn't have done that intentionally, even if I wanted to.


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