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DUMMY DUMMY DUMMY and Christine Part 2

From: Kevin
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Date: September 02, 2003


Dear , I will start off by saying that you may be right that a 2nd film might not be a good idea if in fact; a producer/director is not conscientious of how rare 58 Plymouths are. If that were the case then thereís a possibility that more 58ís would be senselessly destroyed. I real donít think that would happen. Reason being your point about, Gone in 60 seconds is kind of mute. That film is 3 maybe 4 years old now and a lot of things have changed in the way films are made now. It is cheaper these days for 3D graphic to be used, because itís becoming more and more common in films. Case in point: Star Wars Episode 1 & 2, Spider-Man, Dare Devil, The Hulk, Lord of the Rings, Fast 2 Furious, ect. ectÖ All of these films had used computer graphics in some way or another for their sets, their vehicle, and now their characters. Itís a lot cheaper these days for a director/producer to have some person make a 3D model of the object and destroy the crap out of it in the computer rather then it would be to restore 10 + cars and do the same thing in real life. I should know I was a 3D modeler for a software company. Another thing about Gone in 60 seconds is that Mustangs are a lot more common then old MoParís like the 58 Plymouth. I love these 58 Plymouths myself and I wish that theyíd make kit cars of it like they do for Cobraís and T-Birds. I also was one of the oneís that kept writing Ertl every month and had spoken to the Tom Walsh the marketing manager there about getting these cars into a 1:18 scale die-cast. I love them and I donít want to see anymore senseless destruction of these awesome cars. Iím a guy that wants these cars to become well known like the 57 Chevyís or the T-birds are to most people in the world. Let me tell you a small summed up story. I have a friend. He used to be a die-hard Chevy guy. We watched Christine 15 years ago and I got into, started talking about it a lot and got him into it. Now all he drives and loves are MoParís. End of that story. Christine has had a profound effect on car lovers everywhere with even Ford guys and GM guys loving it. My first car when I was 20 years old which is about ten years ago now, was a 57 Dodge Custom Royal and itís all because of Christine. I donít know if anyone knew this, but at one time Christine was going to be re-made into a 2 part TV movie, because in 1992 King wasnít happy with a lot of films that were made from his books, and that is why had wanted to redo Carrie and The Shinning. They figured out that they didnít have any way of doing Christine cheaply so the idea was called off. Iím sure that if they were to redo Christine now, that they would almost have to use computer graphics for the smash and crash parts. They could use a real 58 for street shots, driving and parked scenes. NowÖmy Christine part 2 is just for fun and for fans of the original book, with the proper corrections that King didnít carefully research thoroughly. I seriously doubt that it would ever be bought by a movie company and I think it will always be on paper. Where in turn that the real 58 Plymouths will be safe from any destruction and I meant what I said, If someone wants to buy the rights to my sequel, then before selling it I would want to have a say in how the film would be made and insisting that no real 58ís would be used for smash and crash scenes period. If they didnít want to make such a deal like that with me, then I would never sell them my idea and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. All Iím writing is fan fiction because of my love for the car the book and the movieÖ..


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