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Re: 59 Dodge rear brake drums

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: September 03, 2003


Tony, my suggestion to you would be to check out some of the old mechanic shops in your area. Often they'll have one kicking around that they'll loan you for a small deposit. I should warn you though. Do not try one of the more modern drum pullers on it.. As they grab the drum from the outer edge. The rear drums on your car are a press fit, and are not meant to be pulled off by the outer edge. There is a good chance that they'll crack if you use the wrong type of puller on them. The proper one (puller) will use your existing lug bolt holes as an anchoring point, with a center bolt that tightens into your axle shaft. It is possible to make one of these pullers yourself as they aren't all that complicated. I have a few pics of the one that I just recently sold if you're interested.... Good luck.... Bill


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