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Re: DVD of the 1974 movie

From: Herman Parker
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Date: September 04, 2003


A few interesting notes about this movie for those not aware. The guy who starred in the movie was a professional stunt man who did all the stunts himself as well as directing and producing the movie. After I saw the movie, he stopped by a local radio station here in Houston while promoting it. He said the movie production was stopped several times while he recuperated from injuries. The most serious injury came during the scene when we was being chased on a freeway - the one where he took out a light pole. He misjudged the speed of the car he was to cut on front of and took out a light pole a 80 mph. It took 7 weeks in traction before the production could resume. Also, he said he hired real cops for the movie for realism. He said actors dressed like cops get out of their patrol cars looking like actors dressed as cops, but cops look like cops getting out of their cars. He funded the movie from his own pocket and did the distribution himself. Not very sophisticated by today's standards, but still an all time favorite of mine. I saw the new "Gone in 60 Seconds" movie a couple of years ago and was disappointed in the way it was done. Where is the DVD available? I have a VHS tape I recorded from the Speed Channel. Herman


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