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Re: 59 Dodge rear brake drums

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 05, 2003


Tony, et al, after you get your rear drums pulled-off, the stud threads WILL be stressed, and damaged, to a certain extent. HOWEVER, one of the best-kept "secrets", with the maligning of the tapered rear axle 'ends', is that the "swaged" mounting-studs can EASILY be replaced with 'normal' studs--available @ any decent auto parts shop, that will permit the SIMPLE slide-off removal of the rear brake drums, in the future!!! I wish I could be a little more specific in the description of the 'loose' studs, but my local shop removed Horace's rear studs, several years ago, without my 'eyeballing' the new studs, but I DO have a 'souvenir' former-"swaged" stud, sitting on my desk, in my office. Just "pop-out" your swaged studs, & LOSE those puppies. If you have any questions my shop: "Grady's Garage" can be reached @: 760-873-4231. Neil Vedder


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