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Re: SNIPED AGAIN!:Ebay is NOT a "Fair-Fight"

From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: September 05, 2003


Hello!! ["confessions of a 'fair' sniper!"]: As I mention, above, Ebay is NOT fair; it is NOT an "auction"; it is a TIMED bidding event; it does NOT call-out "last call, fair-warning" , but just terminates an event @ a specific time. I call myself 'fair', as I do NOT use a 'program', to bid for me, but I TRY to be near my WebTv, @ the end/toward the end of an event, so that I can place my "maximum" bid amount, WITHOUT having to bid "against" myself, by allowing someone else to outbid me--If I get it, fine, but I'm only giving myself ONE opportunity to bid--if my bid is (still) "outbid" by someone else: I LOSE the item, & the chance to enter another, higher, bid. ALSO, sometimes Ebay "crashes" or I can't log-onto the site, OR my bid registers too-late (so no-one ever 'finds-out' that I TRIED to enter a bid!!)--SO, "live" by the snipe; "die" by the snipe--it's STILL a LEGAL (& the ONLY LOGICAL) way to BID your-money on a timed-event. IMHO, "early" bids (& yes, I'm guilty of placing them, too!) are only a means to ensure that an item is not "stolen" & a low-bid-price, or, an effort to discourage other bidders, when the fair market value happens to be the "opening" bid amount. Neil Vedder


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