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Re: 1957 Dodge D-500

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 05, 2003


John; BOY!!!! do I agree with Deaner, below!!!! $800.00 is a BARGAIN for the D500 accoutrements; you can "always" find a good parts-car, and convert it ( & reserect [sp?]) the D500 . A LONG time ago, I argued about, @"what" point is a car not "original/correct"? How much of it can be replaced, before a "300/Fury/Adventurer/D500" is no longer a "real" car??? Someone on Ebay was trying to sell a real "Fury" Paint/Trim plate, & some folks went ballistic! IMHO, If you've got a REAL Paint/Trim plate, aluminum VIN plate AND (most of the) original frame (with the correct "matching" stamped-numbers on it), then ALL of the other-parts on the car are INTERCHANGEABLE assembly-line, random-chance, installations on ANY car, that model-year-----EXCEPT [there's ALWAYS exceptions] for certain model-year-specific "changes", like, late 57 Dodges had 1958 dashes, w/the front-mounted rear-view mirrors, etc.... NOW, back to the "car" (or, what's left of it!) it is HEAVILIY optioned; YES power antennae WERE available---VERY rare, tho--it requires a 'special' inner-fender, with a long-elongated access-panel--you cannot install a p/antenna thu the small circular access-hole that is 'used' with manual antennae. The engine number (or, rather, PART of it is partially-stamped on the rear frame rail, behind the left rear wheel, on the outboard-section of the frame rail.. Of course, your "parts car" can provide the floor pans, etc, but, if a "parts car" has good sheetmetal, IT should be restored!!! I believe that floor pans AND sheetmetal are now being reproduced--best bet, but expensive; So, to paraphrase C. Eastwood: "Well, [punk] , do you feel WEALTHY??" what "we" mean is, do you have the TIME & SPACE & MONEY & KNOWLEDGE to 'do' this job??? Your gonna have a "push-mobile" for a long time, but, what you, or someone else(!!) is gonna end-up with is a very rare, desireable, heavily-factory-optioned D500!! If you can, I'd appreciate receiving a close-up photo, or pencil-rubbing, of the Paint/Trim plate (on the upper-passenger-side of the firewall). Please, preserve this car, or arrange for someone with the T/S/M/K to restore it!! Neil Vedder


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