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disc 2, additional footage

From: Kevin
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Date: September 05, 2003


Dear Billy, Yeah youíre right on so many levels, That if they were to make a Christine 2 and use real 58ís and destroyed them systematically like in the first film, it would be a devastating blow to late 50ís MoParís and for us the collectors. Your right that the HULK looked unreal in a lot of the scenes, but doing human like characters has always proved to be very difficult to do. In that I was referring to the tanks and helicopters that they had modeled in 3D. In the ďLord of the RingsĒ Gollum was very convincing to me though. Good thing Christine is not a human character and 3D models could be for her. T2, again I agree with you. The most awesome film for action and special effects ever made. Thatís why I was a little let down when the new Star Wars trilogies had started coming out and were kind of weak-sauce in story, action and visual effects. I thought that after seeing T2 that if Lucas was to ever make the first three films they were going to be awesome. Letís just say that I thought they were entertaining. My dad had bought and owned a 67 Mustang brand new when I was a kid. Thatís all he talks about to this day and how it was a great car or his other love was his 53 olds 88 that he bought when he got out of Korea. He sees my 58 Plymouth die-cast collection when he comes over and starts talking about his cars that he had owned. I guess myself have nothing against 67 Mustang, but my true love will always be old MoParís, and Iím hoping Iíll be able to own a 58 Fury or Belvedere someday. Someone once told me that when they jump a car or roll it in a film they have stunt cars for that kind of stuff. That they just look like a particular car on the outside but is actually an empty car with a roll cage and body panels to make you think it is that car. I donít know how true that is and the person I heard it from is not a big film buff. So who knows? Your right again, about the fact that Christine hadnít done so well at the theater box office in 1983, but for home box office the sales of the DVD have been quite profitable for Columbia/Tri-Star. The movie has gained so much momentum over the years in Video and now DVD and is highly regarded as a cult film to MoPar guys, as well as including Ford and GM guys along with horror goers. About my Christine sequel, they couldnít even do it unless they remade the first film completely and fallowed Stephen Kingís book exactly. Mine takes up right where the last one left off, but 4 years later. I never understood why they wrote out the character of Roland D. LeBay taking over Arnie like in the book. John Carpenter could have pulled the scenes off with his rotten maggoty-face so easily and he is even well known for touches of evil in his films like that. Oh-wellÖIf any one cares I have a picture of a 2008 Retro Plymouth concept car and poem at in the art section. I think I had even posted the picture here at one point. I wish Chrysler would make a retro 58 Plymouth with Fins and stuff like that, like every company started doing after Plymouth designed the Prowler slash HowlerÖ As in the movie TRON and what the MCP says. END OF LINE Take care Bill Sincerely, Kevin Pochron


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