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The 440 itself will, but the A-466 (cast iron) Torqueflite will have to go

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 06, 2003


Easiest fit for the 440 will be to use the original 383-413 oil pan under the 440. I used a '73-78 B-body MP pan in my 440 '60 Plymouth, and the mounts had to move just a bit. The A-466 cast iron Torqueflite will not fit the 440, as all passenger car V8 crankshaft flanges were changed for the 1962 model year. Easiest transmission for this swap is the '62 Chrysler/Dodge Custom 880 727 transmission, this has a driveshaft parking brake like the '57-61 A-466 cast iron 'Flites. If you change to a '65-up C-body rear axle (or just the drums), which is a great idea for other reasons (eliminates the tapered axle shafts!), you will then have parking brakes in the service brakes and then you can use '63-64 big block 727's, or 1965's with the '62-64 pushbutton valve body installed.


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