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Early Hemis share bolt pattern with A engines, not with B engines

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 07, 2003

Comments As you might be able to figure out from this link, early Hemis share their bellhousing bolt pattern with A series engines. '62 Chrysler 727's are for B series engines. I would really put a big block in that '60, 331 ci. is a bit little to be dragging all that around! If you insist on using the 331, you should use the '62-'64 A-engine 727 (found in most Dodge and Plymouth B-bodies) and Hot Heads adapter P/N 25000, at least then you can use the '60 dash pushbuttons! You can attach the '62 Chrysler 727 tailshaft assembly with the driveshaft parking brake to the A engine 727, in place of its brakeless tailshaft. As far as the exhaust clearance for the steering box goes, that's just how you route the pipe coming out of the left manifold. A mild 440 would likely beat a worked 331, and you could use that '62 Chrysler transmission straight up....


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