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Re: Restoration Ethics??

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: September 08, 2003


Let this car be about what YOU want it to look like. Im in the process of restoring my 57 Firesweep and im not putting everything back according to the book. I am building the car the way i would have built it had i been able to order it from the factory. The interior color will change... the exterior color will change... the engine is a 392 and not a 325. Im not shooting for a 100 pt. car. Some people will think "yuck... i cant believe she did that" but who cares!? IM THE ONE WHO DID THE WORK. and I will the be one enjoying her behind the wheel. Dont let someone dictate how you should or shouldn't do somthing with your very own property. Do what you feel is right. Besides.. if you dont like it, you can always change it. ~ Jessica Hendricks


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