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Re: Pistons etc. are available

From: Jeffc
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Date: September 08, 2003


can't disagree with anything that dave has said, only things I have to add here are,,,,,, "CAMS" only regrind cams are avalable for the poly from Kanter, NAPA ect... The NAPA kits are the best priced, but Kanter carries more parts and seems to have better quality parts (were else can you get NEW rockers that are better than the stock ones other than from Kanter), the cams from Neilson cams1 800 341 2267 are NEW and he will even do a custom grind if you give him the spec's and are willing to pay the extra $, other wise his prices are very good for some nice grinds that he carries. I have his 276 M cam, .46 lift 284dig (228@.050) 108cl for solid lifters. Lifters,,,, be sure your push rods mate the lifter cups, a miss match and you will have bent push rods; order the push rods from the same supplier that makes the lifters if possable. KB Silvolite pistons are also avalable for the poly, though finding someone to order them may be a challenge since not many stores have the complete KB book. If you use a post 62 engine and trans set, the LA 318/340 stroker kits will go right in the poly block (bolting it to your cars trany can work, but need the adapter). If you find a small block push button 727 truck trany from 62 to 64 it will have the same ebrake drum setup the older car tranys have and be a alum case instead of the cast iron. It also will be able to be up graded to later pumps and tork converters. (truck tranys in these years are a little hard to find, they didn't sell that many with autos in those years, but they are out there).


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