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Re: '57 D-500

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 09, 2003


Ah, John, "this" is so typical: He who wants "IT" more: LOSES! You made the seller think that he's 'holding' a potential gold-mine, so he's gonna play you, trying to get more money out of you, because (rightly or wrongly) he perceives a 'monetary' motive, on your part. He can't realize the time & money involved in your restoring the car, OR, he's worried (probably) about your "turning" the car for a "big" profit, as soon as you buy it. If he's not going to sell for no-more than $1K, then, all you can do is walk-away from the car, until he re-contacts you, after he "learns" that he can't sell it to anyone else, for more than $1K. He apparently, doesn't 'need' the $800.00, but is more interested in seeing HOW MUCH he can weasel out of you. We're not living in 1990, any more, when "overseas" buyers were buying anything on wheels for big-bux. Now, if that car were a CONVERTIBLE, you could get out your knee-pads, & 'beg' him for anything under $12K, depending upon its condition (which sounds like it's not-too-great). So, my advise is walk-away (unless you REALLY need/want that parts-car) from it, & 'educate' him--he wants to SELL it, worse than you NEED to buy it. Neil Vedder


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