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Re: 318 engine predicament! help!

From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 09, 2003


ARTHUR---all these guys are correct---but my questions are---did you take your block to an automotive machine or a standard machine shop---when you pulled the pistons were the rings intact or broken---did the engine smoke---was the piston from this cylinder scored on the side---some time it is hard to figure why an engine does what it does---they are all NOT created equal---i once had a 1948-45cu.harley---pulled the jugs and the rings poured out like sand---i'm talking hundreds of pieces---it started first kick---no smoke---ran like a champ---and the cylinders were smooth---first thing i would do is get a second opinion---after that you will have a better grasp on your options---keep in mind you can bore this engine .90 plus---you can also achieve 400 plus hp.---i had to have my 318 bored 40 over because of my stupidity with a ridge reamer---you can also use the worst cylinder as a test cylinder to find out how far you have to go---the expense should be minimal---mine was bored for $17.00 per hole---to find out what you can do to your 318 to increase hp.try to find a back issue of mopar muscle for october 2001---the engine used is a 62 318 poly---but can be applied to your 58---all or in part---one thing about the cam---make sure you use the right style lifters matched to the cam and always change push rods when you change lifters---well i guess two things---i would go for a new cam not a regrind you will be much happier with results---but even if you only choose to go with an over bore-cam-intake-carb-dual exhaust-ignition(dual point or electronic)and a set of rear gears you can do 300 plus hp.---you are in for a lot of research but just think of it as FUN AND AN INVESTMENT---as before you can e-mail me if you need to---hope i helped---later---chuck lowe


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