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Re: '57 D-500

From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 09, 2003


NEIL---that is a very sound piece of advice!!!!---playing the game is one part---but being wise enough to walk away is more important---some people think that what they have is a gold mine---only to let it set till it rots to the ground---there is a guy in the small town i grew up in in western pennsylvania that has about 20-25 old cars---setting for about 30 yrs.---he would never sell a car or a part---just a few-53 chevy conv.-55 lincoln-55 ford-56 ford-57 ford-57 ply-59 ply-60 desoto---now they are just about worthless---he did cut his own throat once---he had some work done at a local motor and body---the bill was $28.00---he asked the owner if he would take one of the old cars as payment---he did---sight unseen---it was supposed to be a 52 mercury 2 door---when the car was delivered the shop was closed---the guy left the title and keys on the seat---when the shop owner saw the car it was ok---when he got the keys and title out of the car it turned out to be a 52 lincoln---unknowingly the car owner screwed his self---all these years i have enjoyed that story---i knew the owner of the shop almost since the day i was born---he has been gone now for about 15 yrs.---his nick name was CHUMMY---and i miss him---later---chuck lowe


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