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Re: Restoration Ethics, I had the Same Problem!!

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: September 10, 2003


Hi Walter, I had the same problem 12 mths ago a 57 savoy 2 door h/top I wanted the sportone trim but couldn't afford it. So I left It as a savoy 2 tone, but went a custom light canary yellow colour and white. And after much thought at the beginning, I'm more than glad I decided to restore as a savoy. Almost every photo you see has sportone trim. Not that I'm against it (sportone), don't get me wrong. I love those Belvederes, I just had to face it it was to expensive for me to go that way. Comments from my experience. Follow this link for a recent photo. we go.jpg Just remember its your dream so go for it. Have fun tim


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