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More Poly 318 Rebuilding Questions

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
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Date: September 10, 2003


I decided to go with a Chris Neilson cam & hydraulic lifters for my '59 Poly. Chris supplied the cam, lifters and push rods. I am currently tearing the engine down and getting it ready for the machine shop. I am wondering about choices for rocker arms and also which (if any) modifications are needed to make sure the lifters and valve train receive the proper lubrication. A while back, Hank mentioned using a newer style oil pump and intermediate shaft in a Poly so one could use an "LA" style electronic ignition distributor. Some of the more recent posts seem to indicate this mod is only good for '62 & up Polys. I got that impression from mention that an "LA" style oil pump can only be used on Polys built for '62 & up. I know the crank was changed for 1962, but what else was changed so one cannot use a later oil pump/shaft/distributor in an older 318 such as my '59? Or am I misreading the information? Thanks in advance for any replies.


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