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Its just a car!

From: Kelly
Email: 325
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Date: September 10, 2003


You should ask yourself "Who owns the car?" And I am sure you find a response to that. I am sure that I will get flack (sp?) for the subject line, but what it purely boils down to it that it is simply just a car, whether it is a poo-box Honda, Ferrari, or Coronet. There are other people that have perfect forwardlook cars for previous and future generations to enjoy. I own a 1958 dodge, and as lots of the regulars on the post know, I am a product of the Reagan Era. You can see the parking lot at the JC I go to that is filled with boy-racer hondas that are far from stock. Back to the original rant, I believe that a car is simply a mechanical extension of one's own ego. I have gotten crap for my center-exit exhaust, the torq-thrusts, and the discs. All the time I hear "ya should keep it stock, it would be worth more!" However, until my name is off the title, I will customize it the way I want to. This car is vintage Dodge, not a Jag E-type. This isn't an investment for me, it is an enjoyable daily driver that is uniquely mine. To answer your ethical conundrum about putting the trim on your car-do what you please! Look at some of the hand-made trim on the mopars in cuba that have Russian fork-lift motors in them! And that's a communist country for you! Kelly


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