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Re: More Poly 318 Rebuilding Questions

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: September 10, 2003


Thanks, guys. Like Chuck, I'm a manual transmission sort of person, but I do like electronic ignition. I plan to use premium parts for the rebuild. The cam is matched to the vehicle's weight, three speed wide ratio tranny and 3.54 differential. Chris said I should have good power & torque from idle speed and the power band will extend to 5500 rpm, more than I'll need. I'm going with dual exhaust and a stock four barrel intake. It would appear with these mild modifications that stock size valves would be adequate. I will use new valve springs and keepers (of course.) I had a friend who built a a pretty wild Ford 390 for his 4 X 4 back in '85. He did everything right and decided to save a few cents by reusing the original valve keepers. One broke and dropped an intake valve into the engine at highway speed. You can imagine the havoc it wreaked. Hank, you mentioned a mod a while back that involved converting to a full flow oil filter. Also, you mentioned you might be able to come up with a good header design for my exhaust person to build for this engine. I have a set of flanges and may take you up on that possibility.


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