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Cuba:World's largest autowrecker???

From: chrycopsycho
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Date: September 10, 2003


I had the same idea about three months ago after meeting the "best man" at my brotherinlaws wedding.He's a canadian who currently heads up an import/export company in Havanna. We talked at length about this topic. His take: any car prior to 1959 can be exported as it was deemed to not be subsidized by the government(cars after 59 can't be owned by individuals-communism).In fact the reason that pre 59 cars are still running is because they are the only ones that can be legally owned! Car parts after 59 are okay to export but not whole cars. I sent him a bunch of info/pics on what I'm looking for in regards to cars/parts. Unfortunately you Americans won't be able to get them directly due to trade embargo.I'll let you know shortly what's the scoop once I get word.


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