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Re: Remembering Sept 11, 2001

From: Herman
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Date: September 11, 2003


Hi Chuck, I understand the apprehension about your son being in harms way. That's a fathers love of a fine son, serving his country in a way most of us only wish we could. Though I don't know your son, I couldn't be more proud of him and his brothers and sisters in the armed forces who protect our way of life. Unlike opportunistic, hollow sounding politicians and Hollywood types, our people in the armed services and law enforcement put their beliefs and resolve on the line where it really counts and only ask a little respect in return. Given a sericemans pay, they certainly don't do it for the money. All we can do as citizens is show the same resolve they do in supporting their efforts. BTW - CNN is way too liberal for my taste. I like my news raw, unslanted and unfiltered. Part of the time I have either MSNBC or Fox News on. The evening news is virtually worthless because it's been filtered and edited too many times to fit alloted time to get a real sense of what's really going on - especially what's going on in Iraq. Herman


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