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Re: Remembering Sept 11, 2001

From: Michael
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Date: September 12, 2003


For the past few months I've seen this guy standing on the sidewalk of an overpass waving a huge American flag with a yellow ribbon attached at the top. Yesterday in particular I noticed more horns honking than before, and I have to admit I started to get choked up. Patriotism ins't necessarily in what you carry, rather it's in how you carry it. I'm not disagreeing with you in the least, I think people pulled together for a while and we sort of started slipping away back to our pre-9-11 routines. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but the President reading books at a school, to me, shows that he hasn't let theevents of 9-11 keep him from doing what is very much a part of his job. He isn't just THE President, he is OUR President and whether it's praising those with a flag on an overpass or reading with our children it is the fact that he is out there and makes the time to be with "his people" that means a lot to me. I'm sure there is a lot going on that we don't hear about...the media feeds off of our sensationalism, therefore unless something spectacular happens they won't tell us about it. Life has to go on, without that we have lost to terrorism. Wave a flag at me, and I get choked up...I believe in this country and our President and trust him to do what's best and what needs to be done, and I'm even more proud of our military...the men and women who go to places we would only visit from the safety of our homes. If you are military, know this: it's unfortunate that 9-11 has reminded us to be proud of you, but that pride was never dormant or was and is ALWAYS there. you rock!


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