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Re: Very cool site

From: Dave L.
Email: davel at
Remote Name:
Date: September 12, 2003


Thanks for making us aware of that link. I've bookmarked it - just wish I had the time to look at all the neat sites around these days! I frequent a few other narrow-application automobile websites that use the same format. The amazing versatility and customization features of the site, the search function, the ability to edit posts (within an programmable time frame), the ability to use signature photos with your post and nice look of the site are really amazing. I believe it's the same format as scat-pack site - wasn't there talk of moving this forum to the same format if and when possible? I'm in no way knocking the format of this site - I know it takes a huge amount of time and money now, and more of both to switch, I'm sure. I'd pay more to support a move to such an ehanced format, however. Any update Dave on any eventual move? Please don't take this post in the wrong way (I keep re-reading this before I post it, hoping it doesn't get taken out of context)- it could stay in this format forever and I'd still love and appreciate it as I always have. Just wondering, though, because I don't think I've read about a move in a while. Might just be me, though.


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