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Completely stumped! 58 318 won't run.

From: George
Remote Name:
Date: September 13, 2003


I have been unable to get my 58 Belvedere to run since I rebuilt it. The symptom is that when I start it, it will run for about a minute then stalls out suddenly. As in one second it is running fine then it dies without warning. After that it refuses to start although if I crank it long enough I will have gas leaking out of the carb at the resorvoir gasket. If I try again at some later time it will do the same thing. I've cleaned out the fuel lines and tank to be sure it has clean gas and the carb has been recently remanufactured. I have also taken the carb back to the shop that redid it and they swear that it is fine when they bench check it. I have completely run out of ideas at this point. Do any of you have any?


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