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Re: 1956 dodge custom royal

From: jimmy
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Date: September 14, 2003


Craig, welcome to the world of "As The Forward Look Turns". Fortunately, you have stumbled upon our humble cyber-land abode in which fellow mopar enthusiasts provide each other with advise, support, and an oil-stained shoulder to cry on. Your wife is lucky to have found a car with only a few "little things" to chose from. Many of us start out looking for everything including the kitchen sink. As to your specific question about whether there is a market for items related to your 1956 Dodge, there is. Depending on what you are looking for, you should be able to find a lot of nice little morsels for this car. While 50s Chrysler-made cars do not have near the popularity as GM cars or Fords nor the availability of parts (both NOS and reproduction), there is still a surprisingly large number of pieces available in the market. Though your '56 Dodge Coronet was not the most popular Forward Look car from a production standpoint, you will find that many '56 Chrysler car parts are interchangeable and quite available. I would always look in the "for sale" section here on Forward Look for '56 dodge related items. I would also post whatever I was looking for in the "wanted" section on this board. I think 80% of the time I post an item in the "wanted" section I get replies from people who have what i am looking for (sometimes you will find that people will contact you the next day or the next month or next year!). Further, if I were you, I would keep a daily look out on Ebay as well as These are great resources for my use as I scour the earth for '57 Plymouth related parts. Oh, also, if you scroll down to the end of the "For Sale" section of Forward Look, our fearless leader, Dave, has inserted the names of vendors which sell everything from mechanical items to upholstery to glass. Now in the world of vendors, all are not created equal. Most vendors are real nice and fair though we know a few to stay away from. One guy you need to stay away from unless you've got rich blood and a need to go to debtors prison is anoymously called Mopar Bell (his real name ryhmes with "Bell"). The guy will totally rip you a new one every time with his outrageous prices (ie, '57 plymouth antennas-$1,000). Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck and tell your wife that she's in for mucho "fin fun" with her purchase. Long live Mopars!!


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