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WARNING! WARNING! I'm back! Run and hide, lock up yer spare parts and loose women

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan TandT
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Date: September 15, 2003


LOOKEY HERE! New name, new car, new address, but same old feces and flatulence! I'm back with a vengeance! I'm still gonna tell it like it is, probably start a few, end a few, and get into the middle of a few wars/lively discussions! (note to "Fearless Leader" still need a 'anything goes' section) To those who care, delete the old 'alumcan' address and insert the new one to E-mail me. OK? As far as jokes, send me a letter on what kind of jokes you DO NOT want. Otherwise, if you tell me you want jokes, you'll get 'em all. Anyone know where Frank "Forwardlook Frank" Worsham is? "Chuckey Wuckey", what's goin' on? You trying' to compete with "Einstine" out there for the 'brains' of this outfit? Your 'powdered ring' Harley still running,,,,. A guy in Paden City (late '60's) got a old Pan (year ?) in a basket, got it all together, (how ?) and was doing a humongous port and polish job. (He boasted he was going to beat the Knuckle Head speed record at Bonneville)Suddenly, he sold it to a guy in New Martinsville. The guy in NM was riding it. Not sure about starting on first kick, but at night, both exhaust would trun cherry red! Reguardless of what jets or carb, red/orange exhaust about a foot from the motor. Finally a guy that I use to know, Hinzsman, (I don't know how to spell his name, (we called him "Hinney")lived/s over around Fly. Has/d a yeller '35 Chevy coupe, anyway, he bought the bike because a very close relative had bought it new at Smitty's HD in Moundsville. Turned out, the PC guy had hit a 1/4 X 2 some inch hole (daylight)in the intake runners on both heads! I think if one blowed a piston on those old Pan's, and used a old steel beer can, it would still run! Official FwdLk question/discussion! My new car has for now, a motor I don't know that much about. Supposed to be a '58 318. Intake is stamped with a '66 date code. Can't find a date cond on the block. Anyway, the car has a 'bucking' type miss at all crusing seeds. 25 or 75. Any slight let up or more gas, no miss. The dist. shaft has some slop. Well, I wouldn't call it 'some', it is VERY noticable. What information I'm looking for is, what late 318/340 ?electronic ign/dist will drop in? Who has done this? That's it for now. Thanks.


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