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Re: WARNING! WARNING! I'm back! Run and hide, lock up yer spare...

From: Jessica Hendricks
Remote Name:
Date: September 16, 2003


Hey cannydoo!! great to see you back here, now i wont have to rely on snailmail inching its way to your doorstep :P For the 318 in my 61 Dodge (thats currently for sale HINT HINT to anybody) i have the mopar performance electronic ignition. Also have MSD blaster coil, and they work GREAT! :) the kit is like 190 bucks thru summit... i think i purchased mine through mancini racing and got a better deal, cant remember. but anywhoo you'll wanna look into that badboy. Only downside is that orange box.. unless you decide to paint it, it'll stick out like a sore thumb. They also offer it in chrome, if im not mistaken, however im not sure if you can order that w/ the kit or not. Back to the phoenix, its on ebay right now selling for 350 bucks... anybody wanna do me a better deal? ONE DAY LEFT!! going once.... going twice... ~ Jessica Hendricks


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