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From: alumcan
Email: alumcan TandT hd
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Date: September 17, 2003


Einstine and Chuckey Wuckey. The exciting saga of "As the wheel turns" Sex, moonshine, Harleys, rock and roll, tailfins, chain saws, and pick-em-ups. All you ever wanted in a soap opery! Anyway, I barely have found some stamped numbers over there where you all said to look. Got off the ground line with the guy I bought the car from. He said that they sandblasted the motor before they re-built it. The intake wasn't blasted. Several layers of paint. He siad that it was supposed to be blasted. One coat of paint on everything else. There are several digits but I can only make out 4. It's either too far away or too close. I can't get in there right with my ole glasses. Anyway all I can barely make out is theis; (I think it's a 'P') P 318 - Mean anything? thanks


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