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Re: Someone swapped in a 1960 318????????

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan TandT
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Date: September 17, 2003


I don't know WHAT they got in there for a clutch! All I know, what ever it is, it's lousy! I want to wait untill winter before I tear it down it see. Hope he didn't runin the flywheel,,,,,'60 you say. I'm not a #'s freak, so it don't make any differnce. All the more reason to thorw in this 350 GC stick motor I have. I thought the the 'spin on' oil filter, you know, PH 8A, FL 1A's didn't come to being untill '62 on those polys? This filter adapter (?) sure doesn't look aftermarket! Just in case, I keep this 318, since it followed me home, have you or Chucky figured out what HD clutch kit I can use? Einstine, you mentioned about the swaybars you have under your wagon on the hanldling post. I don't know about prices out there, but back here you mention 'E' body, like saying Corvette, Hemi, or some other magical $ name! It's bad enough trying to find/pay for a E body 8 3/4 rear. I stumbled into a cheaper rear swaybar set up. It almost bolted under that '48 DeS Rod I built several years ago. Doing some quickey measurments under this 'vert. I find that there are allready two holes in the frame where the bolts that hold the long rods to the swaybar. (those rods, I had to shorten on the '48, since it sat so low. Pack of Camels clearance under the front bumper, a foot under the rear bumper) Pick these bars up in any yard. Any 1980 up to '96 (?) full size Bronco. Since the guy I bought this car from had put new springs/bushings,front suspension/ect, it sat a little high in the back. I had a left over set of aluminum 1 3/4" blocks I made for the DeS, I put under the convt. Got the 'hind end down where it belongs. With the rear lowered, there is STILL plenty of room to bolt this Bronco bar assembly in. Y'know I had several of those '69-70ish C body swaybars I had saved over the years, but they all got destroyed. You mentiond the FwdLk cars lack of front swaybars from the factory. This '58 NYer parts car I have, has a front bar on it. I was going to cut it off and use it. But none of the parts houses around here have the rubber bushings for it. Any place out there still sell the '57 up, freont swaybar busings? Just about ALL of the 70's MoPars around here have been demoed,,,,,,unh maybe I shouldn't have mentiond demo-derbys. 'member the war that got started over that post? Anyway, I paid a 'Ben Franklin' for two complete Bronco sets and they torched them out for me. Anyway, that electronic ign you and "Hangover Helen" mentioned, will still bolt into this '60 block? I thought feces didn't 'bolt' in to the polys untill 1962? Oh I forgot to mention. The guy I sold my DeS Rod to, has put a whopping 15K miles on it in less than a year! Sez, he likes driving it because it handles better than his Durango!


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