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Re: INTAKE=second thoughts on 318 poly? and a question on intakes on poly......

From: jeffc
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Date: September 17, 2003


I have hear of a 4v intake made by Offy many years ago for the 318A engines, has anyone else heard of this intake??? had/has one???? I have never seen one myself and was wondering if it even was made, question came up on a differant fourm and someone claimed to have seen one in a old Offy cataloge...... To Chucks question..... I have both on 2 differant engines, I run a Weiand on my car A318 727with a 600cfm Eldenbrock 3:23 rear P236 15 , good top end response, fair bottom end.... turns 16.3 84mph in the 1/4 The Weiand is based on the 2x4 cast iron intake, with just one carb opening and a rise. The cast iron factory 4v intake is on my truck A318 with a 1" spacer 500cfm Eldenbrock 4speed and works great 3:55 31" tires on it, good bottom end, fair top end. Both have headers, duel ex with cross and elct ing. One thing about the 4v cast iron factory intake is that many are cracked on the heat exchanger under the carb on the engine side, you may not notice it if you haven't had the plate off the bottom


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