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The dist. will work in that '60 318, but heck I'd put in the 350 GC!

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 17, 2003


That '60 block will take the distributor kit as well. The big changes to the poly in 1962 were the six-bolt crank flange and the oil pump. When my wagon was 318 powered I converted it to spin-on oil filter by getting the oil filter base out of a junk LA 318. Fram sold a spin-on base as a 'conversion kit' for many years (possibly still available from Fram?). I think even back in 1960 Mopar had a spin-on oil filter base for the 318 available from the dealer parts counter. '62 was the last year the car polys wore the messy canister filter, though some slant sixes were canister filtered until 1966! Anti-sway bars were also available from the Mopar parts counter. It's possible that the N.Y. left the factory with one, but also possible it was a dealer install. Oh yeah, if "E-body" rear anti-sway bars are too jacked up in price, C-body bars wouldn't be IF you can find one! (That '69 Sport Fury I sold in 1987 had one, and 16:1 quick ratio steering too! How do you say 'shouldn't have sold it!'?!)


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