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How to rile your camaro buddies! Goodnaturedly!

From: chrychopsycho
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Date: September 18, 2003


forward brethren, Heres a good way to confuse,bewilder and madden your close friends who like camaros. After many beers one night and lots of two way heckling I stood up and declared that a 67 camaro is quite a fine looking automobile. My chevy friends were caught off guard but naturally took the bait and agreed wholeheartedly. BUT I said it definitely needs a FEW, Minor improvements to make it the envy of the classic car universe. Eagerly they leaned in to hear my recommendations. First off I said I think the heartbeat of america is flatlining, A transplant is needed,stat! Maybe a 396 one shouted out,how about a 427 another declared! No, I solemnly declared after a big pull on my beer,something more radical and better. "I think that 350 should be ripped out of there,sold to a desperate farmer and a 354 chrysler hemi should be slid in there to get some real ballsy output happening." Chaos reigned! "That's blasphemy" seemed to be the common comment followed by many unmentionable swear words. After things died down a bit I remarked "You know what would be the hardest part of this conversion"? "What" they replied grouchily. "Figuring out where to cut the hole in the dash for the pushbuttonn shifter." And then my friends I gazed skywards and laughed until my stomach ached.


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